I Believe

I believe that persons of different abilities are an integral part of the human experience. I believe that all people are enriched by the presence of a wide variety of different people. It is good that we have not only differing abilities, but also varied dreams. Autistic people are here for a reason. I want us to be here a long time and to thrive; to assist all to thrive.

My Advocacy

Autism is not simply a word. "Autism Awareness" is not only knowing that autism exists. True awareness requires some understanding of what autism is. Whether in public speaking or my own life, I work toward understanding. I wish society to go beyond acceptance and on to appreciation.

My Hopes

How well can autistic people do in society? No one knows. I know, however, that current methods of raising and educating children with autism are far superior to those which were employed with raising me. As we continue to improve our knowledge and understanding, I believe there is no ceiling to our success.

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Purpose of this Website

To be honest, my life has been a more difficult one and a less rewarding one, and mainly due to my being autistic. My desire is to make my hard lessons of value in the world by passing the wisdom so hard won to other autistic persons and the people around them. This website is to assist me in fulfillment of this quest. Thank you for coming here!

About the Web Designer

Keeping it "in the tribe," Our web designer, Mary Wood, is an Aspergerian herself. She was a budding new web designer when we approached her looking for a less-template, more-artsy layout and got more than we bargained for. If you like what you see and need a site for your own business, do drop Mary a line!